Ruffin Gallery

Ruffin Gallery

2019-2020 Schedule

Ruffin Gallery is an active part of the Studio Art program. Each year the gallery hosts four to six exhibits that serve as the University's most important showcase for contemporary art and are an integral part of the Studio Art experience. Students are involved with the production and installation of these exhibitions and gain valuable experience in the handling and hanging of important works of all types. Every spring the gallery is the site of the Fourth-Year Thesis and Aunspaugh Fellows Exhibitions. The openings are important occasions when the whole studio program gathers to celebrate the successful completion of the major.               



2018-2019 Schedule

La Pocha Nostra






"The New Barbarians: photo performance in defiance of 'documentation'" will be on view in the Ruffin Gallery from February 22 to March 29th, featuring photographs by RJ Muna in collaboration with this year's Distinguished Artists-in-Residence Guillermo Gómez-Peña and La Pocha Nostra. The exhibition will open with a photo-karaoke performance by La Pocha Nostra on February 22nd from 5-7 PM. 

 “These ‘photo-karaoke performances’ seek to dissolve the borders existing between audience, performer and photographer. One unifying thread is a shared desire to portray a radical bohemian spirit still alive in San Francisco and demonstrate ways an experimental performance troupe can intersect with the Bay Area arts community.” -Emma Tramposch, Managing Director, La Pocha Nostra. 


Ruffin Gallery
McIntire Department of Art

Ruffin Hall 179 Culbreth Road,
Charlottesville,VA 22904


2015-2016 Schedule 
+ Theo Mullen
+ Dana Ollestad
+ Primate Friends
+ Mark Dion
+ Distinguished Majors & 5th Year Exhibitions

2014-2015 Schedule 
+ Woodear
+ Radio Galaxy
+ Jeremijenko
+ Claude Wampler
+ 4th & 5th Year Exhibitions

2013-2014 Schedule 
+ Looking & Looking Away
+ Nine Tube Portraits/Twenty-Five Walkers
+ George Nick
+ Ex.Hi.3 Visionary Workbook
+ 4th & 5th Year Exhibitions

2012-2013 Schedule
+ Earth. Fire. Air. Water.
+ New Natural History
+ Julie Heffernan
+ Margaret McCann
+ Terrestrial Transmissions
+ Art Student Society's Juried Art Show
+ The End of Language
+ 4th & 5th Year Exhibitions

2011-2012 Schedule
+ Untitled
+ Touched by Virginia
+ Judy Watson, Residency
+ Daniel Heyman
+ Michael Lundgren and Aaron Rothman
+ Tom Burckhardt
+ Samira Abbassy

2010-2011 Schedule
+ Katie Baines
+ Painting on Paper 
+ Field Notes
+ Richard Crozier
+ Yes, Sunlight
+ Yi Sheng

2009-2010 Schedule
+ Tim Davis
+ Illustration Bitter & Sweet
+ Aaron Henderson
+ Berenika Boberska

2008-2009 Schedule
+ Annu Vertanen and Karen Kunc
+ Pamela Pecchio
+ Landscape