Amanda Phillips

Assistant Professor, Art History

I joined the McIntire Department of Art in 2015, after finishing my Marie Curie-Gerda Henkel fellowship the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies at the University of Birmingham. My degree is from the Khalili Research Centre for the Art and Material Culture of the Middle East at the University of Oxford, and I spent two years as a Max Planck-Kunsthistorisches post-doctoral fellow at the Berlin Museum of Islamic Art

My research interests, and in turn my publications, focus on the economies of art and material culture in the early modern Islamic world. I work mainly on the decorative arts and most especially on silk textiles in Constantinople and the greater eastern Mediterranean. The topic itself encompasses Mediterranean trade, starting with the Renaissance aesthetic of the fifteenth century, and then stretches into the Indian Ocean while charting the fashion, taste, and materiality in the global eighteenth century.

At UVa, I offer a survey on Islamic art worldwide, a colloquium focused on fashions and luxury goods in Ottoman Constantinople, a seminar on the history of Islamic calligraphy as well as a course on the art and architecture of the Ottoman Empire, the largest and most enduring of all Islamic dynasties. In 2015-16, I will also be teaching a new course — Art, Commodity, and the Making of the Modern World — which illustrates how criss-crossing currents of goods shaped the world as we know it today.